Default slider Promo

Fill up your site and make it look more appealing with the usage of our slider. Clean, attractive temlate for those, who want to get success in their beginnings.

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One Image Slider Promo

For those who don’t want to load their sites with huge ammount of images, we added a slider, that shows only one image. Minimalistic and non-heavy eater site is the best choice.

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Video Background Slider

Sometimes images aren’t enough for the fully representative site. Background as a video clip transfers your project on the higher level of designing.

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Pure design of the header give you an opportunity to create your own, unique project. On-scroll animated content brings to life the content of any page.

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Multipage Demo

The ideal startup for your business. It’s simple, and focuses more on presenting your business, portfolio, team members and skills.

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Vertical Menu Demo

The perfect demo for non-conventional designers. Flexible and easy customizable, gives you a huge range of elements and its settings.

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Mirana is built with the latest Bootstrap 3 framework and repsonsive on all standart devices. Every layout looks well-turned on desktop, tablet, mobile.


Mirana documentation grants you with all necessary knowledge of the theme, though you can quickly set up your own website.


You are not alone. Our support team will be glad to assist you when you need some help.


Using the latest standarts of HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript, our writing quality is on the high level.


Our theme can be used as your own portfolio or a presentation of the company. Save your time with Mirana.


We provide you a huge range of customization. Starting from blocks color, ending to different slider styles and headers.